Conflict Resolution Through Collaboration

Where there are choices to be made, there is always the potential for conflict. Conflict arises when we are making choices between competing needs. This competition emerges between us and the people we are dealing with as well as within ourselves, with our own competing needs and motivations.

Collaboration emerges when we view conflict as choices among competing needs, rather than interpersonal strife. When individuals engage in an honest discourse, with an open expression of their needs and concerns, then resolutions can be created. The legal, economic, and emotional boundaries can be discussed in the context of what is possible and healthy; the parameters of the situation become the focus, instead of the resentments and entitlements.

Making choices stirs conflict within ourselves when we are conflicted about our desires and motivations. A collaborative dialogue can clarify our competing choices, and facilitate the resolution of these competing needs and desires. This personal clarity makes it easier to work with others in resolving conflict through collaboration.